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Inspirational Speaker

Kennard Copeland uses his art as inspiration for his inspirational speeches. 

Mr. Kennard Copeland commands the attention of others through his passionate speech and life-altering message. He uses his extensive experience in art as inspiration for his speeches that inspire people to transform their lives. In fact, Mr. Copeland’s message is flooded with so much truth in intensity, that even people, whom listen to him momentarily, are forever affected by their encounter. He is undoubtedly a natural born speaker whose life purpose is not only to spread his message to all those he encounters, but also to creatively mobilize people towards the development of positive life affirming behaviors.


His message is simple. Mr. Copeland’s goal for others in his own words is to, “unconditionally love and accept yourself. It is only when you are at peace with yourself that you can reach your full potential and make your meaningful contribution to society.”  This message is simple, but most times difficult to achieve independently. Therefore, Mr. Copeland has stepped-up-to-the-plate, to transform this concept, from just an idea to reality. Through his personable personality, numerous personal stories and humor, intertwined with his spiritual, cultural and historical understanding of the world he clearly outlines in a practical fashion, how you can reach your maximum level of existence. Overall, Mr. Copeland speaks to add meaning to people’s lives, as he says, “we are all brothers and sisters because we are all created by that same life source.”


Mr. Copeland has had a number of accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Being a native of Guyana, South America, he single-handedly launched five successful businesses in his homeland, the main one being his art business– but his experience does not end there. Mr. Copeland has traveled the world as young accomplished international artist establishing a reputation in South America, the Caribbean and throughout the United States. He also works as an international ceramic art consultant; in fact, his services are in such high demand, that the government of Montserrat had invited him to consult the ministry of education in Montserrat.


Yes, Mr. Copeland’s achievements are remarkable, but what is most remarkable is his unrelenting and sincere faith in the human spirit. He firmly believes that each person– right at this moment– already has everything that he or she needs to achieve success in life. As Mr. Copeland says, “it’s just necessary to tap into your life force, to thoroughly understand why you are on this earth, and to follow through on why you were created. So by tapping into your life force, you now are empowered with the innate ability to be truly happy, truly satisfied, to truly love yourself, and to have a truly impactful influence on all other surrounding you–but you can only do so, after you are truly at peace with yourself.”


And this is just a taste, something of an appetizer, of what Mr. Kennard Copeland has in store for you and all others daring enough to listen and to act on this possibly, once-in-a-lifetime, life altering message!

All speeches are 30 minutes. The inspirational topics include the following:

Inspirational Topics

Topic A: “How do we Make a Transition in Life?”

This inspirational topic is designed for people whom are at a transitional stage or are sick and tired of their normal routine and are considering making a transition in life. This topic could be presented to community groups like Alcoholic Anonymous, youth organizations, colleges, and people involved in the justice system.  


Topic B: “Your Daily Destination is Your Ultimate Goal.”

This inspirational topic helps people to understand how everyday activity becomes one’s lifetime goal. How nothing happens by happenstance, and the places one frequents turns into one’s life objective. This is presented for sororities and fraternities.

Topic C: “It is not Over Until Your Last Breath.”

This inspirational topic will help people understand they or others can survive through any health scare. So this topic is for senior citizens and those in nursing homes. It is for our first responders, our health providers, and those rehab facilities or have just come out of these types of facilities.


Topic D: “Success is in our DNA, we Were Born to Win.”

This inspirational topic will help people to understand how they are born with everything they need to become successful. One must not follow other people but that person must show her own outstanding unique qualities. This is designed for people working at corporations, like sales representatives.


 Topic E: “Love Conquers All.”

This inspirational topic helps people understand how to love themselves first which will open love up to everything else in their surroundings. You will begin to attract love into your life, like how people are attracted to a rose, and love will conquer all. This topic is designed for women’s groups and organizations, and weight loss or self help groups.


Topic F:  “Young People, Take Control of Your Life.”

This inspirational topic helps young people understand how to begin to take control of their lives. This is designed for youth groups and colleges.


Topic G: “We are All Artists, because we Were Born to Create.”

One must be creative in order to be successful in this lifetime. Creativity can span all areas, including one’s language, one’s approach to others, and simply satisfying others needs. Creativity crosses every discipline so this inspirational topic is for everyone, including tech companies, corporations, and beyond.

Speaking Engagement, 2018 Rates


30 minutes, $250  

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